Over the Back Fence

I am committed to you and would love to have you join our Inner Circle for a weekly conversation!

This isn’t the 1950s. We know no one has time to hang around the back fence, chatting with neighbors, solving the world’s problems these days. They rely on the internet to get their information and find resources.  Just like you are doing now.

But depending on internet information alone can make you feel isolated in your parenting efforts, right?  How about a once-a-week parent support group with a live conversation with a parenting coach?

You want that parent support group to bounce ideas off of, ask questions and find out how to handle parenting as you try to fit one more thing into your unbelievably busy life, right?

We have great news for you! Our weekly coaching calls for our Inner Circle group communicates with you the way you want to receive your communication:  on demand, when you personally need it, at a crazy reasonable price AND with input from other parents going through the same struggles and challenges you are.

rendered over the back fence

You have found the ultimate parent support group for busy, stressed parents on the go.

  • Would you like to be able to talk directly with a Certified Parenting Coach for an hour once a week with other parents Now you can!


  • Would you like to receive parenting tips and advice twice a month in an email? Now you can! Our newsletter, The Three Minute Newsletter, has three parts: Let’s Laugh, Let’s Look at a Parenting Tip, and Let’s Wrap This Up. Who knows? You may get that burning question about parenting answered with a click of a button. It comes out two times a month. That’s six minutes a month invested to keep your parenting skills sharp.


  • Would you like to send one email a month for four months and get a direct response from a parent coach? Now you can! You can ask those questions which may be too embarrassing to ask anyone else.  Take heart! Your question will be kept confidential. (Sign up soon because this offer is limited to the next 15 people signing up!)


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You will connect with your Certified Parent Coach on a live, one hour coaching call every week! Join our Inner Circle of other parents, completely anonymously,  as everyone brings their questions, learning from each other as your Coach shares the week’s wisdom and answers questions.  The only thing missing is the back fence!

But what if you miss the call? You are able to receive a playback link to the call so you can listen to it at your convenience. And if you have questions, you simply email them to info@claudiathomason.com, and you can catch my answers on the replay.

You are in the right place!

Inner Circle Maximum benefits – minimum time – unbelievable low cost.  Would you believe just $30.00 a month? Believe it!

What more could you ask?

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