New! On Line Parenting Course


1.  Is Short?

2.  Can be done at home?

3.  Is full of  valuable information you can actually use?

4.  Allows you to work at your own pace?

5.  Takes only eight weeks to complete?

6. Provides a certificate of completion to courts where necessary?

Right here! proudly presents an On-Line Transformational Parenting Course that is superior to other courses in many ways.

Especially relevant is that we send you your textbook and workbook which you study with our video course for busy parents who want to quickly enhance their parenting skills. You gain a wealth of parenting knowledge without leaving your home to go to  a classroom.

Therefore, your schedule will not take a hit by having to attend weekly classes outside your home.  However, you will learn excellent parenting skills, nationally recognized to be among the best available.

Your home atmosphere will transform as you implement what you learn each week. You will notice more peace and less conflict.

Additionally, you are able to contact your Certified Parenting Instructor to ask questions and help you stay on track.  Because your Instructor has parented 16 children, she provides a wealth of information to draw on.

You keep your textbook and workbook for reference. Also, you receive a certificate at the successful completion of the course. And you get awesome bonuses for early sign up.

Why would you want to take a transformational parenting course?

Possibly because you’ve wondered if you are good parent – you work, volunteer, run a home, and are always busy. You wonder if you are as great a parent as you could be. Who hasn’t thought these things:

Am I spending enough time with my children?

I feel guilty for rushing them through mornings and evenings.

I feel guilty for giving in too much because I feel guilty for rushing them through mornings and evenings!

My work cuts into my family time more than I want.

I wonder if I am a good parent.

Stop wondering and become one!

As a busy parent, you want to know how to become an outstanding parent to help your children become outstanding individuals. Absorbing the information presented in the videos,  reading the material and filling out worksheets on your schedule are more convenient for you than attending a class.

Therefore, you will be able to realize the dream of becoming the best parent you can be while not adding an overwhelming burden to your already-busy life.

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What are some of the subjects covered?

  • Communicating Effectively
  • Influencing Your Children Positively
  • Discipline with Love
  • How Children Think
  • Reducing Stress in Your Family
  • Resolving Family Conflict

Plus 9 more topics!

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I’m looking forward to working with you as you elevate your already great parenting skills.

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