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After parenting my two biological children, one adopted child and 13 foster children, I have gained years of parenting experience. I learned many parenting secrets the hard way. I can help you learn them the easy way. One thing is how to handle tantrums. Get Five Things Your Kids Don’t Want You to Know About their Tantrums

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Claudia Thomason

I’m Claudia Thomason.

• Certified Parent Coach
• State Certified Foster Parent College Trainer
• Public Speaker
• Amazon #1 Best Selling Author 
• CEO of Reconnecting With Your Kids
and more!


Feeling a little alone in your parenting adventure? Craving support from others? We have just the answer for you. Join us in INNER CIRCLE on a live, one-hour coaching call every week. The call is a fast-paced, informative time with other parents as everyone brings their questions, learning from your Coach and each other for one hour. Join us for 3 months at a time, and you will be ready to meet any challenge.

Online Training

Have you hit a wall with your toddler or teen? Have you tried just about everything you know as a parent but still feel frustrated or defeated? That’s why we developed The Stress-Free Parenting Project – taught on line. From start to finish, in only 6 weeks. Your home atmosphere will no longer be a battleground. You will once again feel confident in your parenting skills. And you can get Certified as having completed The Stress-Free Parenting Project learning from home!

Public Speaking

In these days when group gatherings are the go-to for meetings, I am offering Online Virtual Conferences. Everyone stays home but gathers online receiving timely, concise suggestions, and fool-proof strategies to bring peace and calm back into your home, despite any crisis swirling outside. Live Online Virtual Conferences always include a Q & A time at the conclusion.

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Parenting Isn’t for Wimps, right? Let’s work together to create a blueprint for stopping that one overwhelming behavior you identify as the most frustrating for you and your child. Let’s spend 45 minutes together on this free call. I’m looking forward to meeting with you.

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Claudia is awesome! I’m so happy to have her as my coach. She understands where I’m at and has solid advice for me. PH – CA

She was a blessing and I really appreciate her input. MN – CA

Claudia was able to relate to all of what I was saying and asked many thought-provoking questions which help bring focus to key points.

Claudia Thomason was an excellent coach!  I enjoy her transparency and warmth. JF – NY