Do You Need Someone to Speak About Successful Parenting at Your Next Event?

In these days of uncertainty, there have been changes in group gatherings. However, I am happy to set up an on line meeting where I offer training to those you invite to the meeting. On this live on line meeting, I will do a training on how to normalize this time of crisis for your family. Everyone stays home but still gets together on line, receiving valuable training, and there is a Q & A time at the conclusion. To set that up, send me an email at I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Do you have an event planned to give parents information which will transform their parenting skills from good to great? Claudia delivers a fun, fast paced program which is encouraging and inspiring for parents. Past venues have included trainings for parent gatherings, foster parents, church groups, colleges, and more.

Parenting Wisdom from a Certified Parent Coach Who has Parented 16 Kids

Parenting may not be all fun and games, but if you try, you can find the fun in almost any situation.

As a parent to 16 kids of varying behavior styles, Claudia Thomason soon learned that children will push every button they can find to get you off track. The secret is not to let them figure out the buttons!

Finding the Balance to Successful Parenting

Claudia has parented 16 children over a number of years – two biological, who are now outstanding adults; 13 therapeutic foster kids who improved their lives while living with her; and one adopted daughter who came to her from the foster care system. There are very few things she hasn’t seen or dealt with over those years!

For instance, there are proven ways to diffuse tantrums, backtalk, disrespect, eye-rolling, heavy sighing, and the host of other things children use as frequently as they use the bathroom! These things are their go-to’s.

To make sure those antics are not so productive that kids use them again and again, make a plan.

We have that plan!

Depending on the venue, Claudia makes sure she delivers a meaningful message in the language of the audience – at school functions, for Christian parents, for new parents, parents of teens and everyone in between.

She discusses types of parenting, giving tips on parenting through tantrums, junior high hi-jinks, effective house rules, feeling good about the job you are doing as a parent, encouragement to face whatever it is your child is going to toss at you next. And does it with humor and compassion.

As a premier Keynote Speaker and leading authority on finding joy in parenting, Claudia Thomason brings practical points for parents who need that shot in the arm to keep going. Audiences love her wit and remarkable ease of communicating.

Our speaking schedule fills quickly, so you are encouraged to contact us to arrange for a 15-minute call to determine if we are a good fit for each other.