Three Quick Parenting Modules


…but she didn’t do that on her own. She is everyone’s favorite child in the neighborhood because Mommy recognized she needed to jump on some new parenting tricks available in three short webinars.

When Mommy did that, the atmosphere in their home changed and the little girl’s behaviors changed.

Only then did this little girl steal everyone’s hearts.

What did Mommy do to improve her parenting skills? We aren’t sure, but she would definitely have improved her parenting skills by signing up for our parenting seminars:

 Parent Power  Up–Wisdom for Busy, Stressed Parents

  • Are you overwhelmed with holding down a high stress job, running a home, and trying to be a good parent?
  • Do you ever feel like a failure as a parent?
  • Do you ever wish you could ask someone questions about the difficult parts of parenting? But whom can you ask?
  • When your sister whispers, “You are spoiling that child,” and your mom shows her disapproval by saying, “You are way too hard on little Jimmy,” what do you do?

Let’s Fix That!

How about three quick coaching webinars that encourage you as you do your best as a parent?  Sometimes it’s just nice to get an attaboy.  Throw in a Certified Parent Coach (that’s me), and it sounds like you might have the answers to questions like:

  • We both work.  How do I become a better parent with such limited time?
  • My child doesn’t respect me. What can I do about that?
  • She is going through a tantrum stage. I don’t know if I can take much more. What do I do?

Join us for our three quick parenting seminars where we will be answering those questions and many others – because there is no end to questions parents have about raising their children.

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Claudia Thomason, Certified Parenting Coach, has been a mom to two children, therapeutic foster mom to 13, and adoptive mom to one little girl. There aren’t many situations she hasn’t dealt with in the realm of parenting.  Join her on these three parenting seminars to learn some new ways to power up your parenting skills.   One CLICK HERE  will give you more information and the opportunity to subscribe!

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