About Me (and Children)

I’m the mom who  left my son at school when it was my turn to pick him up.  On more than one occasion, too. Also, I forgot to make a birthday cake for my daughter’s birthday.  Again. Then I absentmindedly neglected to sign important forms that had to be turned in that day or a child missed out on something exciting.  My children never knew what to expect of me during those years!

Yep, I am that mother.  Can you relate to any of that?

Why would you want to learn about parenting children from me?

Good question! In spite of my mistakes, I have successfully parented 13 children as a Therapeutic Foster Parent and raised two biological children – who now have families of their own. I recently adopted an 8-year-old girl with her own miracle story to share. That is 16 children in all!

I am an award-winning author of five books, including one which earned me the title of an Amazon best selling author.  I’m a Certified Parent Coach, Public Speaker and CEO of ReconnectingWithYourKids.com. Also, I am pleased to say that I have been certified by Foster Parents College to be a trainer for potential foster parents.

I had an amazing time working with children in Africa as an ordained pastor. For over 25 years, I oversaw a program there matching kids with sponsors for school fees and supplies.

Dedicating my life to helping children get through difficult times, I worked nearly 20 years in the criminal justice system with a focus on easing the suffering of children caught up in it.  Some of the high points were training judicial and law enforcement officials on victims’ rights. Another was receiving recognition from the Institutes for Law and Justice for co-creating a community-based Task Force on Domestic Violence, recommended by ILJ to other cities across the nation as a prototype.

Why do I do this? 

It’s all for the children. My passion is to see children raised in homes where they feel loved, valued and connected. I created Reconnecting with Your Kids to help parents find simple, fun ways to help their children. This results in families who have an increased ability to stay connected through life’s ups and downs.

How do I do this?

  • By offering individual coaching sessions to parents who feel they just need some one-on-one time with a parent coach to get through their child’s latest stage. Or teen years. Or Junior High hi-jinks. Get started with a FREE Strategy Session with me.
  • By creating a support group of parents I personally mentor, my Inner Circle, where busy parents to get together for an hour and share thoughts, frustrations and parenting tips on a weekly Zoom meet up or a teleseminar (over the phone).
  • By sharing three unique webinars, 19 Minute Parent Power  Ups–Wisdom for Busy  Parents, each only 19 minutes long, with some of my best parenting tips (currently being updated).
  • By offering books on Reconnecting with Your Kids; Animal Adventures to read together with your kids; in the works a second edition of becoming Debt Free for those tied up in financial bungee cords, unable to break free; and a book just to give parents a break, containing quirky things generations of kids have said. At various times, each have been free for the asking.  Check out my Amazon Author page below.
  • By giving away free weekly menus, prepared for us by a Registered Dietician, to take the work out of grocery shopping and meal prep. It’s a great tool for busy parents! For other free resources, check out the menu bar above. There is something for everyone.
  • By sharing The Hilarious Side of Parenting newsletter two times a month, containing tips and tricks to make parenting easier. It’s called the three-minute newsletter for busy parents. Who doesn’t have three minutes to tune up their skills?
  • And I am working on a new book with my daughter to reach parents at the moment they become parents – just for pregnant moms and dads. Watch for it!

How can I help you?  Let me hear from you. Contact us.

Check out my Amazon Author Page here.