Dietician Created Menu for Kids

BUSY PARENTS! has another free tool we want to share with you to help you as you parent your little family.

Would you like a little bit of help with the day-to-day chores that face busy parents?

Help yourself to our week’s worth of menus for kids created for us by a Registered Dietician. I paid $200 for a month’s menus, $50 per week, but you don’t have to pay anything. I’m sharing week one with you free!


Do you think you have to be the mom who fixes a hearty breakfast every morning for your kids like the moms on TV? I learned that I don’t have to do that as long as I have the ingredients for healthy meals for them.

I haven’t always been that confident. It took a long time for me to realize I was doing okay as a parent.

For example, one morning before school my daughter said she felt sorry for me.  I was moved by how sensitive she had become at her young age of seven.  I asked her why she felt sorry for me that early in the morning when I hadn’t made any mistakes yet.

She said that she was sorry because TV moms got to cook good breakfasts for their children every day before school, “and you don’t.”

My first reaction was that she didn’t know me very well if she thought I wanted to cook a big meal of any kind.  Known as a marginal cook during the years I worked outside the home, I praised the advent of cereal in those small boxes and toaster anything—pancakes, waffles—and the microwave, the wonderful microwave. It didn’t always exist, you know.

Wow! Was I failing as a parent?  I thought I was, because the ideal mom on TV didn’t live in my home. The breakfast ad men were selling hot bacon or fresh eggs or freshly-squeezed juice. They weren’t selling sloppy jelly sandwiches or a mess on the table when a child practiced pouring their own milk.

Also, they weren’t selling moms running out the door, trying to make a single-parent or two-working-parent household hum.  They wanted us to envy that smiling parent pouring syrup on well-formed pancakes shaped like cute animals.

I knew moms everywhere did that. However, at that time of my life, I simply couldn’t.

I had to acknowledge that I could be a great mom without being like the TV mom!

Let us help you become confident in your parenting skills as you adopt another of our free tools!

Help yourself to our free week’s worth of Registered Dietician-created meals for kids. These menus can be printed out and used for a shopping list or simply put on the refrigerator to provide guidance at meal prep time. They can also be easily modified to suit vegetarian and vegan preferences.

Because we feel honored to be a part of the adventure of parents reconnecting with their kids, we would love to have you download these menus as a step in that process.

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