Three Simple Steps  Connect with the Kids in Your Home

For stressed-out parents trying to combine careers with busy family life

Three simple, effective techniques for reconnecting with the children in your family. These suggestions don’t require parents to quit their jobs, or invest money, or set aside large amounts of time. The techniques were proven to improve parent-to-child and child-to-child relationships in a few weeks. Don’t feel like an inadequate parent any longer. The modest cost of this book will allow you to reap lasting benefits while having fun along the way.

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

3 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. Parenting is admittedly one of the hardest jobs you will do.  On the other hand, parenting can become one of your greatest successes. That's good because children are a gift from God, and we don't want to treat lightly such great gifts.
  2. Kids crave a relationship with their parents.  Yes, even junior high boys want to know mom and dad are interested in what interests them. Every child needs to know they are important to someone. Make that someone you!
  3. Making just a few simple changes in the way you do things through the day can have a lasting impact on your child.

About The Author

As the mother of two adult children, professional therapeutic foster parent,  and the adoptive mom of one little girl, I have parented 16 children!  I have learned a thing or two or a thousand about parenting  over the last few years.
Am I perfect?  No, just ask the kids.   I have left my son at school, forgetting it was my turn to pick him up.  I have neglected to get my daughter from her church activity, and she sat in the dark, by herself, waiting for me.  I missed making a birthday cake for a child’s birthday, and also absentmindedly forgot to sign important forms that had to be turned in that day or the child missed out on something exciting.  I was that mother.
I wanted to focus more on my children, but I needed a few good ideas to work within the schedules we had as a family that would draw us closer together.  The books on how to add activities to your routine or your kids' routine, just didn't work for us.  We were too busy - all of us. I needed quick ideas that would encourage conversation and interaction in the times we actually had together. I needed to show my kids I loved them.
Reconnecting with Your Kids is a  summary of some of the ideas that we used to regain that heart connection with the children that seemed to be vanishing over the years.  I believe it will do the same for you.

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