Parenting Plan for Child Custody

Let Reconnecting with Your Kids help with your Child Custody Plan efforts.

Separating? Divorcing? Child Custody Issues? Let us help with a parenting plan.

A divorce custody battle is one of the most difficult and emotionally disturbing situations a parent can face.

What does this topic have to do with Reconnecting with Your Kids since our mandate is to help parents help their children?

Every day kids find themselves in the midst of custody struggles. This is a major crisis for a child. Children are not emotionally prepared to be pulled from parent to parent as can happen in custody issues.

We want to help you parents who are facing a separation, divorce or child custody issues so you are able to help your children.

Separation and divorce are hard on adults.  

But your children don’t have any of the necessary coping skills to make sense of these events.  

Make sure you have a solid custody plan to help them cope.  

Unrepresented parents may feel left out of custody decisions regarding their children, without even understanding how it happened.

Being prepared ahead of time for custody discussions can help you and help your children.

We have what you need to be prepared:

You will get our comprehensive workbook with step-by-step instructions on completing the Parenting Plan. Also included with the workbook is the Parenting Plan itself which you fill out. The workbook and plan were created by a renowned Ph.D. working with families dealing with separation, divorce and custody issues.

You get all this for less than you think. With just $63.00 you can be more than prepared for child custody discussions. Only $63.00 will help you make a plan that includes your wishes for spending time with your children.



We know it isn’t always possible, but if both parents work on this plan together, the mediator, custody evaluator or judge will have valuable input to make custody decisions.

If that can’t happen, now is the time for YOU to become active in assuring that your child(ren) have the best possible plan for their futures as they adjust to their new “normal.”

This workbook and tool could very well save you hundreds in attorney’s fees since you are the one completing it.

But you will invest just $63 for these proven tools with step-by-step instructions for creating a comprehensive parenting plan. That low price includes both your Workbook and your Parenting Plan document.

This is a small but valuable investment to make as you navigate through the often unfriendly waters of child custody in separations and/or divorces.

Do it NOW. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Now you can present the Judge with a proven Parenting Plan, proving that you have been considering the best future for your children as they learn to cope with their newly- divided family situation.

You have our Report on the Five Most Important Parts of a Parenting Agreement.

Now find out how to put what you have learned to work for you and your children. Send for our Workbook and Parenting Plan. You don’t need to feel helpless in this process.  Speak up for your children through these documents.


This is not legal advice. You complete this tool which helps you have a voice in decision-making for your children.  

Making that happen is easy! Read the materials, fill out the templates, and create your parenting plan that is fair and best for you and your child(ren).

It might even save you money in legal fees!

What Others Are Saying

“The 13-page parenting plan I wrote using the Creating A Successful Parenting Plan book and template made a definite impression on the court-appointed custody evaluator, and the custody plan adopted by the court was an almost exact duplicate of the plan I submitted!” – JW, CA

Do it now for you and your children.



Be sure to get your Parenting Plan Workbook and Plan by clicking on Buy Now for $63.

There are parents who have been ordered by a court to complete a Parenting Training Course. Are you one of them? We can help with that too! We have prepared an 8 week course, taught by a Certified Parent Coach to help you fulfill that court order. Upon successful completion of the course, your Certified Parent Coach will send the Court the necessary documents stating that you completed the course. You can start as soon as you receive the materials. Click HERE for information.

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