I’m Running Away and You Can’t Stop Me!

Little People Land was interesting last week.  We thought we might be looking at some loving discipline for a few minutes when this happened:

Little Person:  I am going to leave.

Me:  Leave?

Little Person: Yes, run away.

Me:  Oh.  Well, I will miss you terribly.

Little Person:  I am going anyway.

Me:  That makes me sad, but I guess I could help you pack. How can I help?

Little Person:  You can pack up some food for me.

Me:  Oh, I’m sorry.  You can’t take the food.  If you take the food, there won’t be any here for the rest of us.

Little Person:  Seriously?

Me:  I’m afraid so.  What else can I do?

Little Person:  You can give me a suitcase.

Me:  Oh, I’m sorry.  There are no suitcases to spare.  We may be taking another trip to Texas or somewhere after you leave, and we will need them.

Little Person:  Seriously?  Then you can put my toys in a trash bag for me.

Me:  Oh, I’m sorry. We only have four trash bags left.  If you take one, we won’t have enough to make it through the rest of the month.

Little Person:  How am I supposed to carry my toys then?

Me, making a big circle with my arms:  Like this, I guess.

Little Person:  Seriously?  Running away is too much trouble.  I’m going outside and play.

Whew! Another major crisis averted along the rocky path of childhood.

What do you do when your children behave in ways that makes you wonder if they are just testing you or if they are developing some serious behaviors which you need to address?

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  1. The tips and tricks you come up with, as well as your quick thinking, are priceless in these types of situations! My daughter is going through a very testing time right now and it’s nice to know I’m not alone in this! Well done in averting your major crisis!!!

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