Parenting Plan Workbook

Divorcing Separating- Confused?

You just got an effective, proven Parenting Plan!  

CONGRATULATIONS on ordering this important tool to help you and your children stay connected and work together to bring some peace to an otherwise difficult time.

  • Be sure to read the workbook and do the exercises before attempting to do the Parenting Plan.
  • TIP: Download both documents at once so you don’t need to navigate back to this page.

Download Workbook Here:

Final PDF Creating a Successful Parenting Plan

Creating a Successful Parenting Plan Document


Download Parenting Plan pdf Here:

Parenting Plan Document


  • Follow the steps in the Workbook and fill out the Parenting Plan. Because this is not legal advice, if you have an attorney, take it to him/her for review.  If not, it will need to go to the custody evaluator or judge.
  • A common sense tip: Never give out the original without keeping a copy for yourself.