Back to School Tip for Single Moms

The Annual Going-Back-to-School-chaos has hit.  Part of my arsenal to calming the chaos of parenting is to look for the light moments. They are all around.

 I took my granddaughter, who is visiting for the summer, to my daughter’s new school to pick up her schedule for this coming year.  My daughter was elsewhere. Before I had a chance to say anything, the lady said, “You must be a new 6th grader, right?”

My granddaughter, who is pretty sure she is in 4th grade, got instantly confused. She just gave the lady a big, blue-eyed blank stare.

I have explained this to people all summer. Clearing up the confusion (I thought), I said, “No, this is my granddaughter. My daughter is the one starting 6th grade.” Now it was the lady’s turn to do the blank stare thing.

I think she momentarily thought this child’s mommy is in 6th grade. “It’s complicated,” I said sighing, picking up the schedule and walking away.

Here is a short video with a parenting tip for everyone. but which was originally created for our Christian single moms and appeared in Supportive Single Moms and Reconnecting with Your Kids.

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