Shopping with Kids – Awesome or Awful?

Take it from me. Parenting is an adventure full of peaks and valleys. Shopping need not always be a valley.

When we talk about brave parents, we know that some of the bravest of parents are those shopping with kids.

List making, shopping, finding the treasures on your list in the store – all these things teach practical living skills.

Parents Who Shop With Kids Are Brave

If you absolutely, positively hate to take your kids with you to shop OR if you love taking your kids shopping, here are some tips to make it an adventure.

*Let the ones who can print help with the list. You may have to put the translation on the back, but they will proudly carry the list through the store as you shop.

*If they can’t print, take a picture of a product, for instance, a box of cereal, and let your child find the matching box on the shelf as you slowly go through the cereal aisle. (I hear you, slowly shopping is like stepping on Legos – again and again.)

*Come prepared with a snack from home for the child so they don’t want to rip open everything in the cart.

*As they get older, help them choose between two products based on price to teach economy. Or based on ingredients for those smarter-than-you teens to teach them to read labels. Of the 16 kids I parented, most of them are still avid label readers. Some aren’t, but they did learn the skill.

*Don’t plan a trip to the grocery store when your child is tired or hungry. The stress of exhibiting so much self-control when they want to touch everything is like putting them in straight jackets. (You very young moms may not know that is a very limiting overcoat.) A tired or hungry child can quickly turn into a crying or angry child.

One More Tip About Parenting Children When Shopping

To wrap up our shopping adventure, give yourself a break, mommy, and take something for your child to do if you are only running to the store for a quick trip and you can’t get them involved.

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