Blue Eyes and Bugs

I think I got a reminder to listen to a child a little more often.

Although eyes and bugs are rarely found in the same conversation, we did experience that combination the other day over the dinner table.

That conversation with my daughter went like this:

Lily: Mom?

Me: Yes?

Lily: I know why gnats fly into my eyes.

Me: Ugh – you have gnats flying in your eyes? Why?

Lily: Because my eyes are blue, and they think it’s the sky they are flying into!

That was one place where it paid to listen to a child. That exchange reminded me that for a young child, there must be an explanation for everything from booming lightening to gnat behaviors.

They want to know stuff that never occurs to us to question. We learned, and forgot, all that trivial stuff when we were kids. We sometimes forget that it is our kids’ turn to learn all that stuff now.

How do we know what they are curious about or what they want to know? It’s simple.

Listen to a child when they start to speak or ask questions.

Sometimes, even though we parents are busy beyond belief, it makes sense to get down on our child’s level and just talk about what interests them, listen to what they are saying. I need to remind myself of that often.

You never know what you might hear. Listen to a child – that’s the key.

(And now, it seems to me I better do something about those pesky gnats )

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