Miss-Communication and Miss-Understanding Live with Us

Communication sometimes eludes us at our house. Take this conversation for example:

Me: Whoa! Your pockets are very full. What treasures do you have in there today?

Little Person: Nothin’. Just some jelly beans an stuff, she said as she pulled out a handful of sticky, lint covered candy.

Me.  Oh my!  I think you may have taken all the jelly beans from the bowl at our friend’s home this afternoon.

Little Person:  Well, she did offer it to me, you know.

Me:  I don’t believe she meant for you to take all of them.

Little Person: Then she shouldn’t have showed me the dish and asked me if I wanted them. Because I did. After she walked away.

That’s the day I met Miss-Communication and Miss-Understanding, adding another lesson to the Little Peoples’ List of Life Skills.  Parenting kids is a constant exercise in understanding that even though you were standing right there, you may not have any idea what just happened.

How to help your children grow up healthy, wealthy and wise.

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Remember to be proud of yourself.  You are raising future adults who may go out and conquer the world, partly because of consistent, compassionate input from you.

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