The Eyes Have It

Parenting Children is a Delightful Challenge

Parenting children gave me plenty of opportunities to record their funny sayings.  This is another Little People story from one of them.

Me: I can see what you are doing, you know.

Little Person: You can’t see me. You are looking at the cat.

Me: Remember how I taught you that you don’t have to be looking directly at something to see it?

Little Person: No.

Me: Remember we talked about peripheral vision and I can….

Little Person: Oh yeah. You can see me out of your middle eye!

Me: That’s just creepy.

What about those days that aren’t a barrel of laughs?

Parenting children provides plenty of days when there are tears, tantrums and troubles from morning until night.

Parenting children is the most important job you will ever have. You only have them for a short time. Make the most of it.

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