Parenting Children is a Delightful Challenge Parenting children gave me plenty of opportunities to record their funny sayings.  This is another Little People story from one of them. Me: I can see what you are doing, you know. Little Person: You can’t see me. You are looking at the cat. Me: Remember how I taught […]

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WHO LOVES YOU? Today my little girl said, “I love you–I just can’t stop saying I love you!”  I told her I loved her as well and wanted her to know it every minute of every day.  She reminds me of a sparkling jewel placed in my life by a loving hand. Isn’t it fun […]

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While parenting teens over the years,  I began writing down their funny sayings. They are called “Little People” in the stories.  Here is one story. Me:  Would you please put this puzzle in this bag and seal it tightly to keep the pieces together? Little Person: Sure. Me (Later): Wow, that bag sure is full […]

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A WISH FOR A GREAT DAY FOR A GREAT PARENT My foster children and I got into the van later than I had hoped again. We raced out of the driveway, headed to town, 16 miles away for a doctor’s appointment for one of them and some other meetings for me. Because I consider myself […]

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